August 21st, 2003


Netscape 7.1

OK ... I was 70% asleep, trying to catch up on stuff online after a big fancy dinner out with friends of my mom's, when Netscape popped up wanting to let me know I could update from 7.05 to 7.1 ... and I figured "what the heck".

Now, this is not a HUGE complaint, but WHY would they change the order of the right-click menus? Instead of having "open in new tab" being where it was in 7.05, it is now switched with "open in new window". I don't get it ... were MSIE users too confused by having a new tab open in the main Netscape window? I've been confused all day, looking for things that I thought would be on the tab bar, which are instead now in the taskbar in new windows.

As I said, it's not a big issue (I'll get used to clicking the second thing soon enough), but WTF were they thinking in making the change?

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More Netscape 7.1 changes ...

OK, not that anybody cares about this (unless you're getting ready to move from 7.05 to 7.1) ... but another behavioral change in the new version is how it closes tabs ... or, not so much closes tabs, but behaves after it closes a tab. In the previous version, if you had eight tabs open, and closed #6, you would now be looking at #5 ... in the new version, if you close #6, you will now be looking at what had been #7, but was now the new #6. Again, not a "big deal", but it's distracting as it's "unexpected behavior" which keeps drawing my attention to it {note: again, this is probably TMI, but I typically have the same first five tabs open in my Netscape window, going from my LJ friends list to Google ... all other tabs that I open up are thereby after the Google tab, and I was used to that screen popping up when I'd close tab #6, no matter what I had following, so its not appearing when I have other tabs open is taking some getting used to!}.

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LJ sitcoms ...

I know that it's pretty damn pitiful, but I've tried to do that stupid sitcom thing a half a dozen times now, and I can never get in on the server. Bleh.



OK, I guess "eighth time's the charm":

My LiveJournal Sitcom
Bringing Up btripp (PBS, 10:30): btripp (Horatio Sanz) falls off gazmik (Mickey Rooney)'s porch and gets hurt. At the same time, libertarianism (Rena Sofer) convinces jeffsworld (Henry Fonda) to learn to speak Tlingit. In the next town over, thelema (Justin Timberlake) keeps accidentally stepping on processean (Calista Flockhart)'s foot. That weekend, lolamontez (Andy Garcia) wipes lefin1 (Gregory Peck)'s laptop. That night, eyelid (Dennis Rodman) tells a joke that offends anavoog (Tracey Ullman). Hilarious results follow.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

Geez ... somehow I especially like the bit about eyelid being played by Dennis Rodman (!) ... and I could see Tracey Ullman appearing as anavoog (although ana is Mel Gibson)!

OK ... now I've been "gunning" through that, and it IS amusing how it assigns a particular celeb to each LJ user (or community) ... aside from the above, some other amusing ones I've noticed are juliejordan being played by Courtney Love, cydniey being Tom Waits, dougdougdoug being Jenny McCarthy, planetconcrete being Suzanne Somers, and taebopper being Petula Clark!

Some other things that might amuse people ... jeffsworld being played by Henry Fonda, unquietmind by Nicole Kidman, the witchschool community by Boris Karloff, _she_devil by Patty Duke, beatnikside by Katharine Hepburn, pjammer by Jean Claude van Damme, and cypher by Jeri Ryan!

OOOOH ... a few more! theinnocence is played by Dolph Lundgren (!), banshee by Shirley Temple, kaela by Bette Midler, fabusplody by Harrison Ford, scottks by Robin Williams, deathboy by Brigitte Bardot, and, of all things, lj_maintenance being Jerry Seinfeld!

Really, I'll quit doing this soon ... but had a few more to add ... topi being played by Téa Leoni, not_you by Bruce Willis, and ikilled007 by Robert Blake. I mean, who knew?!

Gee, this sure is more fun than getting any work done!

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A brilliant post ...

I just read a superb post over in rillifane's journal, rebutting the always-irritating Fundy spew about the U.S.A. being a "Christian nation" ...

To begin with there is no doubt whatever that the consensus amongst historians is that almost all the Founders were Humanists

Tell it, brother!

There are lots of tasty quotes in the post from various Founding Fathers distancing themselves from the Christian mythos ... do take a look!

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Shameless plug time!

Hey ... look ... I did get something done today!

I finally got the update to my site up and running ... and it was about time, since I'd been handing out my new VistaPrint cards that I'd had done up for it which said that it was pitching both Herbal Voltage™ and JavaLean™, and I'd not quite gotten around to editing the page to add the latter until yesterday, and not gotten it uploaded until this afternoon.

Soooooo ... yeah, you know you want it ... go ahead and check it out:


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