September 4th, 2003


35 seconds ...

Man ... that eBay stuff can get ROUGH!

I was "watching" an album of Pokemon cards ... the description of the cards was amazing ... lots of holos, lots of rares, but NOBODY was bidding on it. Hell, even the shipping was reasonable. Sure, it might have been a scam (the seller was brand new, no points, and would only take mo/cc for payment), but I was surprised that with the detail provided (they listed every holo and rare in the collection), that there was no action on it.

While it was a bit pricey (well, for what I've been bidding on), I decided, with 4min 40sec left to go to put in a bid. I was AMAZED to find that I got out-bid (by $1) by somebody coming in with only 35 seconds left! DAMN! I figure that this must be via one of those "sniping" programs, since by the time I'd seen that another bid had come in, it was too late for me to get through the various bidding windows with a counter. Piss me off! Bleh ... well, at least if it IS a scam, it's somebody else's problem now!

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