October 5th, 2003


More eBay stuff ...

You know that auction I was pissed about a month or so back ... I still haven't had any response from the seller. I'm almost 100% sure that they had blithely anticipated getting many times what the item "sold" for and have just ignored my various attempts to complete the sale (on the plus side, they have not collected the PayPal money). It pisses me off, though, as they were offering a real sharp set of cards.

Another eBay thought ... I'm amazed when people say they won't deal with BUYERS who don't have high star ratings! I mean, it's one thing for a SELLER to not have a high star rating (the folks above had a "0"), but it is VERY hard to build up a high BUYER rating unless you just go NUTS on eBay due to them only counting "unique" feedback. I have a dozen positive feedbacks from one guy that I've bought a bunch of stuff from, but that just counts as ONE. Since nearly all my eBay activity has been in a narrow market (primarily Pokemon cards for Daughter #1), I tend to deal with the same sellers quite a bit, so my rating goes up very slowly.

I'm glad I held off reporting slow auctions, though ... one gal I bought from on 9/3 just got the goods to me this weekend. I did a "buy it now" with PayPal and it STILL took her four weeks to ship it! What are these people thinking??? Aside from the above detailed "ducked" auction, I'm only waiting for one thing from my first-week-of-September buys ... although I have 15 new itmes to wait for now!

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Oh, boy! CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! ... now you non-Chicago folks might not appreciate the amazing nature of this feat, but the last time the Cubs won a post-season series was 1908! Of course, back then you pretty much won your league championship in the regular season and then went on the the World Series ... not like now with 3 levels of the playoff. It could be argued that the Cubs "haven't won anything yet" (except, I suppose, the NL Central pennant), since they still have to beat the Florida Marlins to win the National League, and move on to the Series.

Anyway ... no matter to all that ... this was a heck of a good sports day in Chicago ... Bears finally get a win and the Cubs FINALLY break the post-season jynx!

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Speaking of the Bears ...

OK ... So I hate to make jokes about my much beloved Bears, but I got a wonderful story forwarded to me which goes like this:

Momma Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear had to go to the courthouse
because Momma Bear and Papa Bear were getting a divorce.

In the course of the proceedings the Judge asks Baby Bear:
"Baby Bear ... do you want to go live with Mama Bear?"

To which Baby Bear replied:
"Oh, NO sir, Mama Bear beats me terribly!"

Surprised, the Judge asked:
"Well, do you want to go live with Papa Bear?"

To which the distressed Baby Bear replied:
"Please, NO, sir, he beats me worse than she does!"

The Judge, somewhat shaken, then asks:
"Well, then where do you WANT to live?"

To which Baby Bear replies:
"I want to go live with the Chicago Bears, because they never beat ANYBODY!"

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