November 20th, 2003


I swear ... SOMEBODY's gonna get hurt ...

Damn it ... first AOL now ATT. How can these motherfuckers justify blocking MY journal accessing MY files stored in FTP space that I'm PAYING FOR??? My little "BTRIPP" graphic has now gone AWOL (it's parked over on my ATT site)! When the HELL is LiveJournal going to give us that FTP space? I am so so sick of these goddamned moneygrubbing sack-of-shit major corporate host sites jacking me around. To hell with the lot of them! I can't believe that I'm going to have to try to edit every god-damned motherfucking post I've made in the past several years to point the fucking links to some host that will not BLOCK my access to the graphics!

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Did I mention?

Did I mention how much I HATE those damn eBay "sniping" programs??? I want to put on my "big boots" and stomp the fucking shit out of the people who use those! I had an auction I was bidding on today, where there had been only one bid previously (sometime yesterday) and I put in a high bid (more than twice the initial bid) and was watching this tick down. I was getting all ready to send off a PayPal payment on it when BAM! the fuckwad with the 'bot was suddenly the high bidder ... this motherfucker came in with EIGHT SECONDS left in the auction and out-bid me by twenty-two cents! I want to take a 20lb spanner and bash their fucking teeth out!

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