November 23rd, 2003


Exhausted ...

My Brother and his family arrived last night. They were orignally supposed to have joined us for dinner (we've made something of a tradition of having dinner the night of the Michigan Avenue start-of-the-holiday parade at this Thai place in the Bloomingdales' mall, which has big windows over-looking the start of the parade route ... this is our third year there), but were delayed getting out of Boston by funky weather at O'Hare. Everybody came over to our place for breakfast this morning, and he and his kids (he has two girls as well, the eldest of which is 2 months younger than our #1, and the younger is about a year older than our #2) and wife hung around most of the afternoon (my Mom headed home by noon). Nothing like having four girls, 3.5 to 8 years old, running rampant around the house! We got a bit of a break in the afternoon, and then all re-convened for dinner at my Mom's place this evening. We have breakfast and dinner scheduled for tomorrow, a dinner for Tuesday, more stuff on Wednesday, and then everybody's over here for Thanksgiving. I'm exhausted just trying to keep the schedule straight.

Oh, and The Bears won. A few not-missed field goals and they'd be tied for the division lead ... so it's sort of bittersweet beating a team like Denver on the road ... it doesn't mean much now.

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