February 16th, 2004


User Pics ...

Wow ... I guess I'm not milking my "permanent account" status on L.J. for all that it's worth ... I just was looking at the FAQ and found that I get 50 user pics! Such a deal! I just added two (see below), which brought my total being used up to 19 (which is why I was checking to FAQ to see how close to the limit I was getting). These aren't the most wonderful ones I've done (the cartoon graphic has been sitting around on my HD for ages and I just got around to smooshing it down into a user pic), but hey, with 50 slots, I'm entitled to some stupid ones!


I also see that I get a whole lot of "feeds" ... however, I'm not sure what these entail ... anybody care to enlighten me so I don't have to go poking around in the FAQ to find out what these things are that I can get a lot of? My impression is that they're like news or sports tickers or somesuch ... is that sort of what those are?

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