February 19th, 2004


Uh-Oh ...

OK ... unless I'm grossly mistaken, it looks like att.net has followed in the footsteps of AOL and prevented remote linkage of graphics. Damn. This came to my attention when my little "-BTRIPP" graphic was not showing up in posts here. I poked around and found that the pages ON att.net were present and accounted for and the graphics were showing up there just fine. However, every graphic I have on other pages that comes from the att.net storage is AWOL. Motherfuckers.

OK, so I just ran off to WebLogImages to upgrade my account from the free one I've been using to their $2/month basic ... can't have that "hosted@" banner on my little signature, can we? Thank the Gods that WebLogImages are there, though ... since all the "big boys" are being such fucking crybabies about remote linkage. I mean, come on it's not like we're not paying for the storage space there! I think that this is the last nail in the coffin for my att.net account ... if they're going to be cheap ass motherfuckers like this, I can just move that stuff over onto one of my other hosting accounts. Heck, I might even change our phone service to just to say a big "fuck you" to them!

Of course, now this means I'm going to need to run around changing the source of all those damn graphics. Piss me off! I guess I'll change at least the last few posts here by hand ... wasn't there going to be something where we could "globally" update pointers like that? I seem to recall something under discussion along those lines in one of the "official" L.J. communities.

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Oh, maaaaaaaan ...

Wow ... so, there I was, walking down the street to my Mom's place, carrying a bunch of boxes for the depressing task of clearing out more stuff from her apartment, when what do I see? They are tearing down my old hang-outs. This quaint 1880's building was home to Elliot's Nest and Kronies (Eliots on the east side, where the green window is on this pic from a few weeks ago, and Kronies on the other), my favorite bars from back in my drinking days. I actually started drinking in these places before they became those bars, as Elliot's had previously been a classic "neighborhood" bar (with sandwiches, pickled eggs, etc.) called Irving O'Briens which I would occasionally visit when back home from college, and Kronies did not become Kronies (it had been the somethingoranother ... I'll find out the name eventually and edit this ... Disco Lounge, complete with mirror-top tables and red velour banquettes) until some Elliots regulars decided to lure away the manager and buy the bar next door.

Kronies & Elliots, a month before demolition

Anyway, I spent most of my time over there in my 20's ... I used to joke that I should take my mail there, and both of the owners said that I would typically cover their electric bills over my typical month ... needless to say, it was a dark day on Bellevue when I quit drinking! Of course, even though I was in an out-patient program for Chemical Dependance, I still spent most of my evenings over there but drinking N.A. beer and coffee ... and they even got in these non-alcoholic schnapps for me to do shots with. Over time, both due to sobriety and age, I felt less at home there and ended up only coming by a few times a week, but the amount of time that I logged in within those walls, and how it defined me at that point in my life, makes seeing the old place get destroyed pretty hard.

It isn't hard, of course, to connect the dots on how I'm feeling too, when both my Mom being gone and now the Bars being gone cuts big empty spaces in my past. I feel like I'm losing my history, chunk by chunk, and it isn't any fun, let me tell you.

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