March 12th, 2004


weather ...

I don't usually do "weather updates" in here, but MAAAAN it's cold today! According to AOL it's 18° right now, and with a swirling wind (in downtown Chicago it's not atypical to have one block be completely still and another have a gale as the air masses work their way around the buildings), it's freezy. We had a bit of rain earlier in the week, and the remains of that are all frozen in the gutters and parts of the sidewalks. Oddly, it's supposed to get up into the upper 40's this weekend ... which will be an improvement.

Oh, by the way ... I'm "sick as a dog" again ... that same damn lung thing that I had last year (when I was finishing up at Chubb) and that had snapped back when my Mom died is back again. I guess I've never quite "gotten over it", since in both of the recent cases it went from a little tickle in the throat to full-on hacking up lung cookies in a day. I should probably go in to the doctor again, but I've already had six run-throughs with Zithromax (three sets of two Z-packs) in the past 13 months, and I'd hate to get to the point where that was not an option. Bleh.

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