March 13th, 2004


still sick ...

Well, I'm still feeling like crap, but I'm not as sure that it's the full-on lung thing again, as I'm only occasionally hacking up lung cookies (however, on the T.M.I. front, the ones I have been spewing have been quite impressive), and I can breathe reasonably well, even lying down. I do feel like somebody strapped an iron band around my forehead and then hit me in the kidneys with a baseball bat, though. On Thursday I really over-did the caffeine (yes, it is possible), as I was searching out warm liquids to help loosen up the congestion, so had White Hen coffee early, a pot of tea in the afternoon, and about a half dozen cups of coffee at dinner (we'd taken our local newphew out for a birthday dinner), add to this three or four Diet Mountain Dews, and I was not sleeping very much on Thrusday night. I did sleep a lot yesterday (the ONE benefit to being unemployed) and last night/this morning, so hopefully that will help shake this thing. I'm tired and achey and pretty much just want to go lay down. Unfortunately, my schedule reads differently.

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