March 17th, 2004


More election stuff ...

(sigh) It's hard to be a non-Democrat in this town ... I went looking for updated stats on the election and all the info I could find was on the results on the Democratic races! I mean, I can sort of understand that the Tribune isn't going to spend a lot of time and effort putting up how many votes Jake Witmer got via the Libertarian primary ballot over in the 4th district, but hell, I couldn't even find a breakdown on the Republican races in Chicago (except for a story saying that 7of9's ex-husband won the Senatorial primary)!

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St. Patrick's Day ...

Ah, another St. Patrick's Day and, due to my long-term sobriety, I'm not drinking green beer. Anyway, as a self-identifying Pagan there isn't much to celebrate today, as old St. Pat was, after all, the fellow who chased "the snakes" (i.e., the priests of the indigenous "native religion", the Druids, etc.) out of Ireland in favor of that oh-so-popular Palestinian Death Cult that Rome was busy marketing!

So, to heck with St. Patty ... Here's to THE SNAKES!

Snake graphic courtesy: AON Celtic Art

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