April 2nd, 2004


A beautiful day in the neighborhood ...

040331-006bActually, these were from a couple of days ago ... Daughter #2 and I had gone over to pick up Daughter #1 after her play's rehearsal, and they wanted to hang out on the school's playground for a while. The lighting was sort of cool, as were the clouds, so I snapped a few shots. This one is looking east towards North Mighigan Avenue.

I hope I can get back outside today, as it is beautiful (although a bit on the chilly side) out there. Daughter #2 has a bit of a cold and is staying home from daycare, but I dragged her along with me when I dropped off #1 at school, dropped a box off at the post office, and ran down to Sears to pick up a few things that went on sale yesterday.

040331-010bI love the way Sears is located re. public transportation, as the Red Line of the El is right out their front door and both the #22 and #36 busses (our main lines) stop right out their back door! We took the #36 down to Grand, walked a block over to the Post Office, walked back to State, got on the subway, got off two stops later and were right at Sears, then popped out the back and were back on the #36 for home. Who needs a car?!

This other one is of chez moi ... this is looking north (so our unit isn't visible), but it gives you an idea of how high up we are (count down six floors from the top) giving me those cool views seen in other pics ... plus, this is another of the reasons we love being here ... it's only a one block walk to get Daughter #1 to school!

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