April 29th, 2004



My btripp.com email is FINALLY back up and working! The host's server that btripp.com had been on died about a week and a half ago, and they "moved me" over to a new server, only NOTHING of the old stuff (settings, etc.) survived, including the btripp mailbox (there was a "postmaster" mailbox, but it wasn't catching anything coming in). I had been back and forth with them since, trying to get the thing back up and working (since all my mail dumps into that box), but I kept hitting a brick wall. It turns out that the problem was with their billing, since moving me over to the new server put me into their new account structure and I hadn't paid for that account (although having money still in the old one) and it wasn't letting create the btripp@ mailbox. Bleh. Anyway, I finally get a phone number to reach somebody there (I'd had a dozen e-mails from them, but NONE of them with any useful info) who walked me through re-doing the billing info (that was what appeared to be holding everything up) and then tweaking the settings for the mail.

I now can start addressing other things (like why none of my Unicity links seem to be working) ... since all my tech requests to them ended up in the btripp.com mailbox and all of that was BOUNCING out the past week! Makes me crazy. CRAZY, I tell you!

Of course, I'm not going to be able to do anything about that now, as I'm off to Boston tomorrow with The Girls for my elder niece's first communion. Yes, I am her Godfather. No, I am not looking forward to this "Irish Catholic Immersion Weekend". Plus, The Wife is not accompanying us (she burned up most of her vacation time back when my Mom died), so it's me and The Girls and O'Hare and all the potential chaos that implies. I tell you ... there are times when I really resent my sobriety!

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Yay! ... part two

OK ... so I had been avoiding dealing with anything relating to the Unicity site for a few weeks because, frankly, it had been way fucked up, to the point where I needed to BREAK something every time I had to try to deal with it (you gotta understand, I have dozens of sites/links out there which point to products, etc. there, and ALL of that was screwed up). I had been planning on buying a new series of ads pushing a couple of these sites, and THAT, of course, got pushed aside while this insanity played itself out.

Well, I was VERY pleased to find tonight that all the links/URLs that I checked out were working again! I had finally gotten somebody to admit that they were moving the web servers between buildings a few weeks ago and that MAYBE that had something to do with the problems I was having. Obviously nobody briefed the distributor service staff in India about what was going on.

Now, almost all of my links point to the OLD site of rexall.com, which has been for the past few years dutifully linking over to unicitynetwork.com where the products, etc. were. During this period, it did that but then additionally went from unicitynetwork.com to unicitynetwork.ca (why it was trying to dump off onto the Candadian site, I don't know), but the DNS was screwed up for the .ca site, so all the links went from point A to point B to point C to "can't find the site"! For several weeks the only way I could even GET to any info was to go to the new unicity.net site and log in via that.

Anyway, I see that tonight unicity.net/BrendanTripp works every bit as well as rexall.com/BrendanTripp ... so I guess "all's well that ends well", although I think my hair's gotten greyer from having to try to DEAL with the process of them switching things around!

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