May 14th, 2004


hello ...

While it is an extremely pleasant 68° in my office today, making me thankful for our nuclear-driven high-tech First World society, I am dying from a sinus headache. I don't know WHAT causes these (as opposed to run-of-the-mill congestion), but they'll start with sinus pressure (which totally ignores the antihisthamines I take for it), then erupts into a near-migraine-like headache (which likewise ignores the Excedrin). Bleh. I hate "doubling up" on the meds (sometimes Comtrex works when the antihisthamine doesn't and sometimes Ibruprophin works when the Excedrin doesn't), but I'm leaning in that direction just to be able to get some stuff done here. I could, of course, just go back to bed until it is time to pick up Daughter #1 ... but all of my Puritan ancestors would be spinning in their graves from the taint of Sloth.

I actually wrote a poem yesterday. Yes, amazingly, the thing behind the cut below is a NEW bit of writing! I went over yesterday evening to get Daughter #1 from her play rehearsal (tonight is their show, repeating tomorrow afternoon), and had not been aware that they were going to be going late. So, I had a half hour or so to kill, and figured "what the heck!" and pulled out my ittybitty notebook and scrawled this out.

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