May 17th, 2004


Bleh ...

Things pretty much sucked today ... well, the whole weekend has been sort of crappy, come to think of it. The positive things from the weekend were that Daughter #1's school play (of Fiddler on the Roof) went off very well, and she did nicely in the small, but not insignificant, part she had. I attended the Friday night showing, and the whole family (such as it is these days, we were painfully aware of the absence of my Mom and of our eldest nephew who recently moved to L.A.) went on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, Daughter #2 was being impossible during the show, and I had to spend a large portion of the time tyring to keep her quiet and/or outside. We then went to Dave & Busters (at the request of Daughter #1) and Daughter #2 was also being a little shit there. Daddy did however, do very well on the "claw" machines, netting the girls nine stuffed animals (Shrek and Donkey, two Ninja Turtles, Sonic, a glittery fish, a flamingo, a bear, and a giraffe!), which was good since we didn't get very many tickets from the games we played (and, of course, the redemption process resulted in more fits, due to #2 getting one thing and #1 getting two things, even though #2's thing "cost" twice as many points as the combined total of #1's things). So much fun being a parent, eh?

Today we had tickets to go see Luna Negra Dance Theater's Tierras de Fuego over at the Ruth Page Center ... part of The Wife's Mother's Day gifts. Well, we got over there OK, but again, Daughter #2 was not quite getting the "you have to be quiet during the show", and The Wife ended up taking The Girls out halfway through (fortunately, there were four separate pieces with breaks inbetween, so they were able to get out during intermission). I got to stay for the second half, but that made me feel like shit because this was supposed to be for her. Bleh. There was other "bad craziness" this weekend also on the Estate front and on the Job front and on the Future Plans front, but I will spare you the ugly details on that for the morment.

At least it was pretty this weekend ...


... I initially tried to use the "stitch" feature on my graphics editor on that, but it really sucked when it tried to lighten the dark or darken the light panels for a "even" exposure, so I went back and just did paste-and-pivot to get them to align as best as I could (not that you can really tell when the pic's as small as it is here ... but for bandwidth/scrolling concerns I did this one at 600px wide).

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OK, so I'm a memesheep ...

So I've seen this in a dozen or so journals, and my resistance has been worn down ... I guess I'm submitting to the madness:

Everyone who reads this, leave a comment telling me something they would LIKE to do with me SOMEDAY.

Then post this in your journal to find out what I want to do with you.

Gee ... I can't wait to hear about all the eviscerations and stuff.

baaaah ...

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Went to the dentist ...

Yep ... I had a call last week to reconfirm that me and my Mom were coming in today ... I had to tell them that they were getting one, but the other was no longer available for dental visits ... (sigh) ... for the past several years I'd been "doubling up" with my Mom on appointments there as she needed me to get her up there and back, so it just made sense for me to get my teeth done at the same time. Needless to say, there was a lot of absence and sadness in the air.

Speaking of air ... I've been trying to find some small, yet powerful, fans to blow stink off the kitty's litter box and out the vent. We had a set-up like that when we had Nikki, but The Wife tossed the old fans a while back. I'd found a fan that looked like it would work via Amazon, but the company was wanting a lot for shipping two units. I'd been poking aorund various hardware stores here looking for something similar, with no luck, so today I went over to the Home Depot near my dentist (after stopping across the street for some muy yummy steak tacos) to see what they had, which was nothing in the size I was looking for (about 9"). I then figured that since I was going to be starting up a fresh $1.75 on the bus/el, that I might as well run downtown and see what I could find. So, I grabbed the Brown Line at Diversey, switched to the Red Line at Fullerton and ran down to the Loop Sears store. They, too, had nothing small. I then popped into the big new Walgreens (across from Block 37) and, while they had small fans, they all looked "fragile" and were as much as the 3-speed wall-mountable Honeywell fans I'd found on line. So, I hopped on the 36 bus and buzzed back home. I guess I'll get the ones from Amazon after all. Today, however, was a wonderful day for running aorund ... being in the upper 70's, clear, and with a nice breeze.

Oh, yeah ... not that anybody cares ... but the dentist told me that my teeth look great, but (as usual) there's a bit of bleeding gums ... {dude! if your gal hadn't been poking at them with sharp metal things for the past 15 minutes, they wouldn't BE bleeding!} ... same as it ever was.

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More stuff ...

Well ... I got up to the Dentist's office early and wrote the poem here while waiting there.

This has not been a fun day ... The Wife took the day off sick, so was home hatching schemes which all seem to include us moving from here off to parts unknown to do stuff that she's only 10% thought through. What's really scary is that she's actually acting on some of this stuff, which looks to include quitting her current job to get into a trainee position elsewhere. Some days I think the only sane thing for me to do would be to shoot myself. Damn. Every time she jumps into something like this, she regrets it within 6-8 weeks. Only this time she'll figure out she doesn't like the new stuff after she quits her current job. Of course, anything I try to bring up in terms of "have you considered ..." just evokes tears, because I'm being obstructing, not helping, not doing anything. The fact that what is passing for her "business plan" has holes in it through which you could drive cattle becomes my fault if I bring it up. We're going off to Columbus in a couple of weekends and I hope her friends and family there will bitch-slap some sense into her, because nothing I say or do is of any use. Sometimes "not-doing" is a far better course of action than "doing", but she's always been one to want to move when the windows got dirty, rather than face the task of cleaning them.

Anyway ... the following obviously has more to do with the last post than this one ...

Collapse )

Heh ... I just realized the "dental pun" in the title of this one! No, it has nothing to do with tooth decay ... as those who have been paying attention may have noticed, I have been snagging lines from these poems of late to title them, and this particular "filling" refers to those empty places in the heart brought on by loss. I figured I'd add this note here just in case anybody else hit that and said "gee, Brendan must be writing about abscessed teeth"!

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