May 21st, 2004


Well, that was interesting ...

I have, for some reason, been needing to sleep a lot recently ... I don't know if it is all those years of getting by on 3-5 hours catching up with me, but I have been pretty constantly "on the verge" of dropping off. Well, this morning, I ran a few errands, put in a couple of hours at my Mom's place packing stuff up, talked with my Brother on the phone (he and my elder niece are coming in this evening), picke up a fabulous sandwich over at the deli (hot New York Pastrami on black bread with spicy mustard, red horseradish, and onions ... the best!), came home, ate said sandwich, did a few more "organizational" things, and fell asleep pretty much the moment I tried to read something. There went the afternoon (or at leas the two hours of the afternoon which held the promise of my getting anything done). From now until about 7, I'm "Mr. Mom".

The fact that I sleep BEST during the daylight hours really should figure in on my job search. Dang vampirism!

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