May 27th, 2004


Another poem ... lucky you

Man, this week has been a bitch ... I've been showing classic "clinical depression" signs, and haven't been able to get SHIT done. I've had the same half dozen "highest priority" things on my "to-do" list since last Friday and none of them have budged (although I have gotten some lesser priority things crossed off the list). Typical is what I'm doing now ... yes, I wrote a poem a couple of days ago ... and, yes, I "need" to get these typed up, formatted, filed, etc. eventually, but stuff like this (which has a pretty well-defined "effort window") keeps getting in front of the important stuff which is neurosis-linked and potentially somewhat open-ended. Hell, playing MSN's Bejeweled keeps getting prioritized in front of everything else (rationale on that: if I'm stuck in a panic attack, it's better to "go off somewhere safe", like in a game, than rip up my psyche). Bleh. I want to win the lottery ... I want to get hired by somebody ... I want to not feel so damned freaked out all the time! Oh, hell ... just shoot me now.

Anyway, for your "enjoyment" ... here's the latest scream in the dark:

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