May 28th, 2004


A driving weekend ...

OK ... so in a bit over 8 hours we hit the road (along with everybody else in the country, right?) ... for a 7+ hour drive to Columbus, OH (well, actually Dublin, OH). The Wife's 70-something-year-old aunt is getting married this weekend and The Wife figured it would be a good excuse to go see her family.

I am really not looking forward to Friday or Monday, as I'm quite sure they will both be nightmares from having The Girls cooped up in a car. Daughter #2 always wants us to drive instead of fly, so she's getting her wish this time ... but at age 4, she really doesn't have a concept of HOW DAMN LONG IT IS GOING TO TAKE TO GET THERE! I mean, driving right on through would take 7 hours, and with the kids, I'm sure we're going to need to stop frequently, making it a MUCH longer ordeal.

Ack ... I'm getting twitchy about it already ... and I'd better get to sleep, since I'm going to be doing the driving! See y'all on Monday night.

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Before I go ...

I just read a brilliant piece analyzing some of what is wrong with the Democratic Party ... by Bob Just, who apparently self-identifies as a member of said party:

My un-American Democratic Party

While this is in the context of a larger look at the Democrats' relationship to Israel, I think he raises some VERY important points on how the Left has corrupted the system SO MUCH that it's really "broken" in some key areas. Quite the thought-provoking piece!

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