June 12th, 2004


That Russian Meme thing ....

Hey, all ... I've seen that "Russian Meme" thing in a bunch of Friends' journals, and it turns out to be a NASTY bit of Java coding which (among other things) can snag your password. I followed up a note in mightyrighty's journal to a post in unicorn261's journal where 00goddess outlines what's up with that and provides this link for the full scoop:


In short ... if you HAVE done that "Russian Meme" thing ... go read that info and, at minimum, change your password!

I'm glad that I'm a paranoid enough person that I almost never "do an LJ meme" without first reading the comments on the post (just in case other people are bitching about it!). In this case, every post of that Russian thing showed up as "no such entry" when I tried to read the comments on it ... which really made me suspicious, and led me into following the above trail of info.

Anyway ... thought I'd pass all this along here.

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Wow ... that "hijacking" meme in another form ...

Look out for posts that say:
this is very interesting

as the link leads off to a site which hijacks your journal and then tries to post itself!

Once again, trying to read the comments shows "no such entry".

The URL that it points to is: http://sneak.datavibe.net/misc/lj/
(I hope that I've edited that with "&" codes enough so it won't be clickable) ...
so if you're seeing a "mysterious" post with a link to there ... don't click on it!

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One MORE evil link ...

This one shows up as:
Don't click this link.

Which points off to:
http://home.graffiti.net/turkeyphant/looj/ (slashes again replaced to make it non-clickable)
which then does the same thing as the other two ... tries to grab the authentification cookie and post itself into your journal.

Of course, in this case, if you take it at face value, you're OK!

Obviously, somebody found a security hole in L.J. and now "all the kids want to try it" ... I see over in lj_dev that several solutions are being discussed. Needless to say, it's better to "look first (to where the link is actually pointing) and click later". UPDATE: I just saw this in a post where a link that looked like it was a "plain URL link" (specifically to what purported to be an LJ post) was actually pointing to this site ... more reason to check where ANY link is going right now!

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Oh, bliss, oh joy ... as I've noted in this space previously, way back "in the day", I used to buy 1-3 albums a week. However, leaving the lucrative world of Public Relations to tilt windmills in the less-than-rewarding Metaphysical Publishing niche (and more recently in the seriously unemployed and broke world), I had to pull back on my music acquisitions. Also as noted repeatedly in here, I have deep ethical qualms about stealing music on-line, qualms that are (of course) only reinforced by still being on a 56k dial-up connection, making any multimedia downloads tittanic time sinks. Soooo ... anytime that I get new music, it's a thrill!

I'd had a couple of Best Buy gift cards sitting in my "goody box" (the place where gift certificates, etc. wait to be used), thinking that I'd pool them and get a new printer or drive or something at some point in some unspecified future. Well, today Daughter #1 was going to a birthday party a few blocks from Best Buy, and I tucked a $75 gift card into my pocket "just in case". Well, when we got there at 2pm, I was told to come get her at 4, meaning that I suddenly had two hours to kill (note to "kidless" readers ... frequently these kids parties have a lot of parent involvement, so I usually go with the assumption that I'm going to be there for the whole duration).

I had been aching to play The Girls the Buzzcock's tune, Ever Fallen In Love ever since it had been in the Shrek2 soundtrack, but my old copy of Singles Going Steady was on vinyl and we currently don't have a functional turntable-to-stereo connection available. So, that was my first priority for a new CD ... here's all of what I got today:
Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady
Rammstein - Mutter
My Life With Thrill Kill Kult - I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits
Dimmu Borgir - Death Cult Armageddon
Drowning Pool - Desensitized
Yeah Yeah Yeas - Fever To Tell

What was great about this particular shopping trip was discovering that Best Buy had "sampling stations" like Borders has ... scan the barcode from a CD and get to listen to a few tracks ... brilliant! I conceptually really like all sorts of Goth and Death Metal and that sort of stuff, but I absolutely HATE the "vocal conventions" that a lot of these bands adhere to. I am not going to listen to a "squeal like a piggy" vocal (bye-bye Cradle Of Filth) or "Beelzabub with a throat infection" vocals (so much for most "Black Metal" bands). With this machine I was able to filter out the crap from the stuff I could actually decipher the lyrics to! Actually, one of the above, Dimmu Borgir, ended up in my purchases because each of the sample cuts rocked, AND had some variation to them (it was amazing how many CDs I listened to where you couldn't tell one cut from another!).

Happy - happy - joy - joy! I was also pleased with my "shopping skills" as these 6 CDs came to 6¢ less than my $75 gift card, so I just had to make up the taxes ... go me!

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Buzzcocks tunes ...

I think it's funny that my fondness for Buzzcocks tunes like Ever Fallen In Love have less to do with the band itself, and more to do with some friends of mine from "back in the day". They had a band called Stations that played extensively around Chicago back in the 80's, and I used to go see them pretty much every week somewhere or another. They covered 3 or 4 Buzzcocks tunes as well as their many originals, and even had a chance to work with Martin Hannett on some of their releases. They later changed their band name to "rops56", and moved to Portland, releasing The Other Upriver in 1999. Ah, memories ... I'm getting to be such an old geezer!

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