June 28th, 2004


Wierd shit ...

We were down at Navy Pier this afternoon to let The Girls play in the fountain there (due to construction on our building, our pool's not going to be opening this year, and they're getting cranky about it). I was freaked out to see, along one side of the fountain plaza, a set of three of these "Prayer Booths" ...


The text on the bottom of the instructions reads:


This device exists to facilitate and control prayer in
public space. Improper use may result in penalty or fine.

Please avoid the booth if you are sensitive to or feel
threatened by actions that are religious in nature.

For complaints, info, requests, questions, contact:

As far as I could see there was no indication that these three booths were anything other than what they present themselves as ... and the e-mail address even goes off to a small evangelical church in Kansas City. As The Wife asked: "What business do bible-thumpers from Kansas City have putting these up in Chicago?" ... well, it turns out that these are another piece of art in the Navy Pier Walk 2004, although I suspect that the artist (who is from Kansas City) might be affiliated with the Fundies ... given the nature of the other exhibitions he's been in on his exhibit resume!

Anyway ... it was quite the shock to see these ... sort of like suddenly finding oneself in some twisted Theocratic dystopia ... or some Fundie's wet dream. It made one feel like one should be looking over one's shoulder for the Religious Police ... thanks be that we live in a secular society without that sort of crap!

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