July 6th, 2004


I'm amazed ...

Gee ... I wonder who is the "voice of reason" over at DNC? Edwards is the only guy who could appeal to moderates ... but most of Kerry's "people" are from the "Kennedy wing", and are hard-core anti-American "political victory at any cost" types. I guess folks figured that picking somebody like Dean would have only been "preaching to the choir" of the A.N.S.W.E.R./MoveOn crowd and would have pushed Kerry so far to the Left that he'd be totally unelectable. Plus, putting Hitlery Klinton on the ticket would have pretty much been a death sentence as she'd have had him bumped off within a year so that she could become Queen.

After Lieberman (who was the only Democrat running that I had any respect for ... liking the man and his moral stance, but not the details of his politics), Edwards was the most palatable (which is a stretch for a sleazy trial lawyer) of a rather vile lot ... and it's amazing that he got the nod. As I noted, there must be some sane heads at the DNC (although I suspect they are still likely to be evil!).

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