July 9th, 2004


Amazing ...

Wow ... I actually watched a video (all the way through, even) last night! I can't recall the last time I did that (O.K., come to think of it, that was probably when I got that copy of Yellow Submarine a few months back)! The video in question was Pirates of the Caribbean which, as noted previously, I scored for $5 on sale at Blockbuster last week ... it was pretty good, although I suspect I would have liked it better in the theater (it, like so many, if not nearly all, new movies, quit playing before I got my act together to go see it). Did anybody else think Disney left it wide open for a sequel? There were side characters half-developed in this that I don't think they would have fleshed out as much as they did if not to have them ready for a second film, and since all but one of the main characters survives they're good to go for a subsequent adventure (plus, if one does the math on the back-story, Will's father was post-curse when tied to a cannon and sent to the bottom and could well be alive, so there is a "hook" there to base a new story arc on). Anybody hear anything on a new one in development?

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Did I mention?

Did I mention how much I fucking HATE people who use eBay "sniping" programs? Man ... I had one thing again that I was all ready to hit the "pay" button on, but some motherfucker outbid me with twenty seconds remaining on the auction! I want to take a fucking sledge hammer to these assholes' fingers, dammit!

Addendum: I just had some dickwad beat me on 3 auctions (I was bidding on 5 identical packages) by putting in bids 25¢ more than my high bids 24 seconds, 11 seconds, and ONE second before the various auctions ended! I guess I was lucky to win one out of the five ... and I'm pretty sure that was only due to the other auction having somebody who'd put in a high bid nearly twice mine ... and this god-damned sack of shit's program was "leapfrogging" over the bids with one at 40 seconds before that auction ended, and one at 30 seconds before ... I don't know if it had hit his maximum with 30 seconds to go or what, but at least his fucking "sniper" ran out of time to screw me (who had been waiting patiently all day to be "live" for these auctions) on the fifth one! Damn it ... I want to shove read hot pokers into his eyes! Fucking god-damned auction cheats!

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