July 30th, 2004


I suddenly feel ANCIENT ...

Wow ...

OK, so I just pulled up cubs.com to see how tonight's game went (I have been avoiding the TV these past few days to keep my head from exploding over the damned D.N.C.) ... the good news being that the Cubs won.

So, I'm reading the recap, and there's a sidebar stats thing on our starting pitcher, Carlos Zambrano, including his birthdate (06/01/81) ... and I'm suddenly thinking ... 1981 ... I was two years out of College in 1981 ... I was a Vice President in a PR Firm in 1981 ... in my "personal timeline" that was not that long ago, but here is this adult person winning baseball games for the Cubs who was born back then! Arrrrrrgh!

My "timeline expectation" would be that somebody born when I was a couple of years out of college "should be" only a kid now ... contrast that to Sammy Sosa, who was born in 1968 ... I was a kid in 1968, so he's allowed to be an adult ... but Zambrano ... 1981 ... adult ... noooooooooooo! ... it all points to the implication that I'm older than fucking dirt!

How very depressing.

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