August 4th, 2004


How weird ...

In that last post, I discovered that the "plus" symbols kept disappearing ... I wonder why L.J. would be interpreting those as code? I was re-reading that this morning and noticed the absence of the +'s ... I went to "Edit Journal Entries" and edited them back in (they were gone from the LJ editing box as well), but when I saved that they disappeared again ... I finally looked up the escape code sequence for that (+) and that seems to have "taken" ... it just seems very odd that it was dropping out those plusses!

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I can't wait for this book to come out!

The Lefties will ignore this (as they do anything true) but I sure hope the "swing votes" out there get exposed to the new book "Unfit For Command" ... see some tasty bits of it here:
          Kerry's wounds self-inflicted? More blockbuster charges leaked from new book by Vietnam comrades
I think it's very interesting that everybody familiar with Kerry's war service (the entire chain of command above him and 90% of the guys who served with him) all strongly oppose his candidacy!

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grumble, grumble, grumble ...

Well, I guess we're going off to see Harry Potter down at the Navy Pier IMAX this afternoon ... I have a TON of stuff that I need to get done, but The Wife has been giving me shit about "doing stuff" with Daughter #1 (who is home with me for the next five weeks). #1 seems to be pretty cool with helping me with my Mom's stuff (oh, and The Wife reamed me a new asshole abou that last night too ... seems that she wanted me to be doing more of that while #1 was in camp), and we did make a trip over to the storage locker this morning to set up the boards we disassembled from an old palatte yesterday into "shelves" separating layers of boxes. I have a bunch of domains on the verge of expiring, and I really do need to deal with those, but I have just not been able to "pull the trigger" on them as yet, but I need to get to those soon as I'm pretty sure that one of them was due today!

Oh well ... I guess I'm just the biggest sack of shit in the Universe. I'm sure I'll get berated for not "getting anything done" this afternoon because of taking #1 to the movies ... I can't win.

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hmmmmmm ...

I wonder if the problem with those "plusses" (as referenced a few posts back) is due to my browser ... my current system is a bit "resource starved" at this point (I have pulled out the new one and have started the slow painful process of installing shit I need) and if I've been doing a bunch of stuff the available memory is often not enough for things like Netscape or WordPerfect to run properly.

The reason this presented itself as an explanation of what I was seeing was that I accidentally clicked on one of my resume links from my info page (on the way to edit the last entry) and when it came up, about 3/4 of the "/" slashes in my intro block showed up as "?" question marks. I know that it's not that way in the HTML, so I'm thinking that Netscape might just be having memory issues at the moment and that if I'd re-booted I would have "found" those "missing" plusses.

Like you care!

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Not such a good day ...

Well ... Daughter #1 and I got down to Navy Pier, stood in line to get tickets to the IMAX showing of the current Harry Potter movie, got a soda, etc., got into our seats, began watching the movie and ... she needs to go to the bathroom. At the Navy Pier IMAX this involves leaving the theater and going out to the bathrooms in the mall. So, we exit, she goes, and we come back in (they're good about that, at least). About 15 mintues later ... bathroom again ... it appears that #1 had a bit of the squirts and was not feeling 100% ... out of the theater, into the mall, back to the theater ... another 15 mintues and she wants to go home. Now, she was worried that this movie was going to be "too scary" for her (she's 8), but why couldn't she have picked something at a cheap matinee? It cost $26 for the two of us to see what little of the movie we did see. Needless to say, I was not happy with how that went! Bleh ... I'm "Mr. Cranky" tonight.

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