August 16th, 2004


maaaan ...

I have so many projects waiting for me to slog into them, but once again I woke up way depressed and I'm finding it hard to get any focus at all. I guess if I had, say three things (instead of about 40) to do, I could prioritize and get moving on them, but so far, nada.

I did finish up re-organizing my WebLogImages filing system, so it won't take five minutes to load the "My Pictures" file ... right now everything but my little "sig" thing and the 25x25 Liber OZ link from my LJ info page is now out of that folder and into a "monthly" folder. Yep ... had to pick the most obsessive-compulsive thing to do first!

We went to the beach yesterday with the girls and I knew that I was feeling a bit out of sorts, but I hadn't figured it was due to a kidney stone ... but last night had the tell-tale "what the fuck was that?" when peeing, which explained a lot of assorted discomforts I'd been feeling. Thank The Gods that it didn't get lodged "in the plumbing" between the kidneys and bladder like the last one I had a number of years ago ... that was sheer agony and required pretty much a full day at the hospital!

Yeah, yeah ... TMI ... I know ...

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At the beach ...

Daughter #2 wanted to go to "the boat beach" (North Avenue Beach, with the "boat" fieldhouse) this weekend, so we wandered up that way yesterday. Here I am in my beach gear ... long pants, long shirt buttoned almost to the neck, and hat ... I'm a White Boy and my tolerance for solar radiation is minimal at best (I had a friend who opined that the only place I'd feel really comfortable living was in deep caves!).


Recently, however, I have discovered a very unpleasant side effect of my sun-hat choice (a baseball cap, in this case from the MCA) ... I find people giving me double-takes. Unfortunately, I have figured out why ... at first glance I'm being mistaken for the insufferable Michael Moore! While I am not as rotund as Moore, and have a different facial shape, a lot of folks are obviously doing an inventory ... "heavy guy ... glasses ... greying beard ... baseball cap ... COULD IT BE?! ... ah, no ... it's somebody else" ... at least nobody has come up to me to talk about the damn movie!

I have either got to lose weight, shave the beard, or come up with another hat option ... because one of these days some idiot is going to run up to tell me how much they loved F-911 and I'm going to end up decking the lame-assed shit-for-brains liberal twit!

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