October 1st, 2004


DSL ... soon ...

Well, the "agent" from GeekSquad is due here at 10:30am ... I have all the systems upgraded, the wireless cards in them (and functioning, according to Device Manager, if not anything else!), and everything as "set up" as I can make it. I really really hate that I was unable to get this fucking wireless LAN set up ... I'm pretty sure that all I needed was a HUMAN BEING to walk me through what string of numbers to put in what form on what screen, but the SBC/Yahoo people only knew their equipment, the cards didn't have a tech service number/URL, and WindowsXP's "wizards" are just fucking useless. I'm totally prepared to have this guy here for 15 minutes while he types in the right combination of stuff in the right boxes and we'll be good to go. Still, it makes me want to beat whole bunches of people to death with bricks.

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