November 15th, 2004


Tunes ...

Hmmm ... it's been a while since I was pimpin' an album in here ... but one of the things I picked up recently was PJ Harvey's new Uh Huh Her and, of all the things I got in over the past month or so, this has "caught me" the most. It's sort of hard to describe what she's up to here, but it has bits of Sonic Youth, Tori Amos, and even some goth undertones weaving around her trademark angsty yelp voice. It's dark and shadowy without getting into (what one commentor to a post referred to the Projeckt records vibe) "writhing on the mausoleum floor". It's been in my CD player for a couple of dozen play-throughs at this point, and I keep liking it better ... you might want to check it out.

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a silly eBay/Pokemon post ...

Ah, here's another one for topi (who seems to have some fetish for these posts) ... I just got in and found that the bid I made earlier this afternoon for 14 reverse-holo cards (from the most recent "Fire Red and Leaf Green" set) had stood up, and very cheaply at that! The "winning bid" was a mere $0.57 so with $3.00 shipping the total for those 14 cards came to $3.57 ... not bad for cards that are "worth" (according to my "low reference" site) a total of $54.00 ... that's 1/15th of "low retail", which really rocks! I just LOVE a deal!

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