November 16th, 2004


Name meme ...

Stole this one from tbonestg ... probably not going to be a real popular LJ meme since so many people here like to hide behind their on-line masks!
Brendan is the #482 most common male name.
0.019% of men in the US are named Brendan.
Around 23275 US men are named Brendan!

Tripp is the #1528 most common last name.
0.008% of last names in the US are Tripp.
Around 20000 US last names are Tripp!
</blockquote>I'm suprised that "Brendan" is at 2%, I would have thought it would have been well under 1% from my experience. Oh, well ... do I multiply the rarity to get a figure for the full name, I wonder (that would be .000152 ... 3 out of 20,000 ... hmm, that does seem awfully high for the potential number of "Brendan Tripp"s running around out there). {Edit: OOPS ... math goof! I guess that would be .000152 percent, so 3 out of 2,000,000 ... which sounds much more plausible!}

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