November 21st, 2004


An interesting project ...

Hmmm ... saw this linked from an article that eagle243 pointed out. Now, I'm not not a TiVo (or other similar systems) user, probably due to the continuing lack of "real cable" in downtown Chicago (our building has a satellite thing, but not a "brand name" one). Anyway, at this site: , there are instructions on how to build your own version of a TiVo system on a Linux box. I was thinking that one of those very cheap "Lindows" systems that Tiger Direct sometimes features might be an ideal base for this. Must be just feeling "my inner geek" today.

By the way ... I still have about 175 posts to run through on my Friends List ... hopefully I'll have this done by kick-off.

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Yep ... finally got to see Team America: World Police this afternoon. We'd gone over to Navy Pier to let The Girls get a "Create-a-Bear" (or whatever those are officially called) and then go to the movies ... the movie on the "official" schedule was Sponge Bob but The Wife (knowing that I'd been wanting to go see T.A.W.P. for weeks ... we were hoping to see it down in Tampa, but there seemed to be no theaters where we were, despite being right next to a mall) told me that I could go see that while she took the kids to S.B.S.P..

While I was not as enthusiastic about Team America as some folks on my Friends List have been, it certainly was a hoot (and I'm glad to have gotten to see it in a theater), and from what I heard when I got home, I certainly got the best of the deal (my vibes on S.B.S.P. as something that would be very hard to sit through appear to have been accurate)!

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