November 22nd, 2004


Is it coincidence?

Three of my Mother's favorite restaurants have gone out of business this fall ... Papagus, Spago Chicago, and Printers' Row ... I can't help but wonder if they "just couldn't go on without her", even though her restauranting was greatly curtailed (due to her mobility issues) over the past couple of years.

On a related note, we're trying to figure out what to do about Thanksgiving. We were initially going to be going to Disney World with my brother and his family, but between the conference last week, and various other things that are going to be coming up in the next month or so, we had to pull out of that. Right now we don't have any relatives closer than Columbus, OH ... plus (thanks to the asswipes who trashed it when cleaning our carpet) we don't even have a dining room table at the moment. I've been checking out places that have Thanksgiving Dinner, but it's going to be very strange and sad this year.

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A little Pokemon/eBay note ... I won an auction a week back where I got 7 packs of the latest Pokemon set for under $7.00 (delivered), which is pretty good since these packs would typically run $3.99 each at Walgreens or the like. Well, we were going to open these up tonight, but The Wife started bitching that it was already 9pm, yadda yadda yadda, so each of The Girls got to open one pack (I also pulled out six packs of the TV show cards from the box I'd previously gotten for Daughter #2).

Well, Daughter #1 is sorting through the cards and finds not only a reverse holo that we didn't have, but a Gengar ex holo as well! The Gengar ex is one of the rarest cards in the latest set, and "goes for" as much as $69.99 (although my "low reference site" has it for only $12.00 ... but that's still like twice what I paid for all 7 packs!). It's fun, on those rare occasions when I get actual packs of cards for #1, to have her find such an "exciting" card right off the bat!

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