November 26th, 2004


eh ...

Yesterday was a mess ... most of the day it was cold and rainy, with a lot of wind. The Lake was all churning with whitecaps and quite violent and the rain/sleet/snow was whipping like curtains between the buildings. As the day progressed it leaned more towards snow, and this morning, all the cement on the east side and much of the north of our building was coated in ice. There was about 1/2" of snow out in grassy/shady areas and The Girls wanted to go out to play in it. Intially we'd planned to get up and go down to the Loop for the Thanksgiving Parade, but as it was quite cold, and that starts fairly early, we never quite managed to get our act together for that, but ended up heading out to the Park around 10am. The Girls threw snow, terrorized some squirrels, and got cold. The Wife suggested going up to the Zoo, which Daughter #2 thought was a splendid plan, but Daughter #1 wanted to head back home, so #1 and I meandered home (with stops at Dunkin Donuts, Walgreens and a candy shop ...#1 had set her mind on needing a chocolate turkey!) whilst #2 and The Wife headed off to the Zoo. Once we got home I was able to crawl back into bed and watch some of the Detroit game).

We ended up going out to dinner tongiht. We were up in the air as far as any Thanksgiving plans, and I did not get around to trying to make any reservations until Monday, and by then most places were either totally booked up (like up at the 95th), or could only take us around noon or 9pm. We ended up at Melnick's, which used to be a "nicer" place, but has since been downgraded to pretty much a bar (under the same ownership) ... I'd only been in there once since the changeover, and that was for a very crowded fund-raiser for #1's school, and I didn't "get" the extent of the change. So, Thanksgiving dinner was in a bar ... the food was good, though (I'd found them on a list of restaurants doing Thanksgivng dinners), although the kids were cranky and I could tell that The Wife was not pleased by there being TVs every 15 feet or so loudly playing the Bears game (no, that was not why we ended up there). Oh, well. I knew it was going to suck, so had pretty low expectations.

This was the first Thanksgiving without my Mom ... and that hung over things as well. Since we don't have any relatives anywhere near us anymore, The Wife is talking about us trying to figure out some new "family traditions" for Thanksgiving. I'm not too keen on travelling with the other zillion people, but maybe we could figure out something "quaint" (like someplace we could get to via Amtrak, like New Orleans)..

I suspect this weekend is going to be straight out of Hell. I am already feeling way depressed and I'd really like to just curl up in a ball and have people not bother me. Like that's gonnna happen.

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New userpics ...

Well, I'd been meaning to come up with something for posts about the new biz, so that's what the "Z" thing's about (as in ClubZ! In-Home Tutoring) ... I'm not 100% thrilled with the result, but it came out of just messing with the "Z" from the logo (I'd done one to use as a file icon in Windows) ... having it randomly bouncing around was all I could come up with at the moment. The other is a new "Sad" icon, not as "anguished" as my "Hearts" icon, but for those "I'm feeling very bummed out" posts. The pic is of "Pouting Bear", one of The Wife's dolls from when she was very little ... considering his age (and being on a second generation of little girls), he's in remarkably good shape, but his mood never gets any better ... frankly, I think The Wife married me because I reminded her of him.


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L.J. Client ...

I assume that in the newer clients for L.J. that one can edit stuff before one posts, right? I'm still using the 12/2000 "LiveJournal for Windows" v1.4.6 client which has few bells and whistles, and pretty much every time I post something I then have to go into "manage => entries" to edit what I wrote (like I am doing at this very moment).

Frankly, I got confused when they started naming things other than "LiveJournal for Windows" and have been hesitant to download any of those other things since I was never sure if they were official clients or stange hacks that would eat away at my computer. What do y'all use for posting to L.J.?

Once I get my "new" computer functioning again (the damn thing up and died on me ... I suspect that it's currently not recognizing its HD), I'm probably going to make that move over to it that I've been meaning to do for the past 18 months (gods, how I hate having to dig up old software to re-install it!), and I figure that I should change to one of the new-fangled L.J. clients at that point.

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Circus ...

041126-031bWell, as I alluded to in a previous entry ... I knew that this weekend was leaning heavily toward hellishness, as anytime that both The Wife and The Girls are forced to be at home together for more than a couple of hours, real ugly shit ensues. So, The Wife gets determined to schedule as much "activity" time to keep the various parties distracted. Somehow the concept of going to the circus came up this morning, and I dutifuly went off to research the options on the computer ... for Sunday. Unfortunately, while I was doing that, negotiations had proceeded and the The Wife had determined that TODAY was going to be Circus Day. I was probably a kid myself the last time I saw the Rignling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus, so this wasn't exactly "typical" for us.

We took the 36 downtown and then got on the Madison bus that heads out over to the United Center ... we left early so that The Girls could do the "pre-show" activities where folks get to mess around on the stage and meet the clowns and stuff (Daughter #2 wanted to spend nearly all the time trying on the glittery costumes!). If one thing was "a deal", it was the seats ... we only paid $10.50 each and we were, while high up, able to see the whole thing, something that I suspect the folks in the higher-priced areas below had a challenge with. What was not a deal was everything else. Of course, since we'd gone with "the cheap seats" we didn't feel so bad about getting The Girls some goodies (like snowcones in big reusable circus-themed plastic mug things), but it hurt like hell to spend $5.00 on a soda and $6.00 on a box of popcorn! I guess that's no worse than at the movies, but when they're pulling down $15 for a program, you start to get punch-drunk from the cost of everything!

Daughter #1 had met some of the performers when they'd done a visit to her school last week (good promotion, eh?), and was trying to find the same folks during the pre-show. I think she really enjoyed the whole thing (and, with the pre-show stuff, it lasted about 3.5 hours!) ... her younger sister got bored, though, and for a while there we thought we might have to leave early (we were saved by a well-timed intermission).

We had planned on taking the bus back to the loop and checking out the Xmas tree in Daley Plaza (I think they were doing the "lighting" of it today), along with some holiday window browsing, but as we were leaving the United Center we ran into another family from our building who then offered us a ride, so we ended up back here earlier than anticipated. All in all, it wasn't too bad a day (once we got out of the house), and the over-all cost for it was about what we would have spent just for tickets on the lower level, so I guess that's not so bad.

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