November 27th, 2004


Quiiiiiiiiz ...

Oh, look ... it's a quiz for English majors! ...

T.S.Eliot: The Wasteland. You are a desperate cry
to God, moulded in intricate word-craftmanship.
Your language is controlled, but inside, you
feel empty and are not content with your life.
You see both the world and your inner self as a
waste land: nothing good can come out of it
anyway. People find you difficult to understand
but admire you nevertheless.

Which literature classic are you?
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Surrealist quiz time ...

mold-a-rama is love

brought to you by the isLove Generator

Well, yes it is, I suppose ...

Hmmm ... it looks like this goes and finds something on one's interest list to use as the subject, and generates a color bar according to your answers. I snagged this from blonnie, but in her version it had her LJ tag in place of "mold-a-rama", so I guess it's not 100% tied to the interest list.

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