December 13th, 2004


Netscape help anyone?

I'm hoping this might be a self-correcting problem with a reboot ... but I just fired up Netscape and suddenly my "personal toolbar" was GONE. I'm such a creature of habit that I use the first five links on that in tabs all the time ... and am amazed at how lost I am without it.

Fortunately, the bookmark.htm file is still there ... but the stuff from the front end of the Personal Toolbar part is gone ... all the stuff that normally shows up on the actual toolbar. Again, I'm hoping that perhaps a reboot will make this re-appear ... but it worries me that it's gone. Anybody know Netscape 7.x well enough to give me some hints on how to get that back?

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Dang ...

OOOOH ... I just hate it when somebody sweeps in at the last second to beat me on things! I was winning on two (out of four I was bidding on) auctions with like 30 seconds left, and on EACH of them the same guy jumped in with SIX SECONDS remaining to out-bid me. I was thinking it might be somebody "live" until I saw the timing on that ... he also won one of the other with 6 seconds to go ... so I suspect it's more likely that this was another damn bot, programmed to hit at x-seconds from close. I was bidding close to my "target", but was willing to respond upwards ... but it's damn hard to respond when the overbid comes in with no time on the clock! Grumble, grumble, grumble ...

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