December 16th, 2004


Ethical dilemma ...

OK ... in my last post I outlined how I'd gotten screwed on an auction ... the seller responded with a very apologetic note, saying that he really didn't know anything about Pokemon cards and had thought the rare card was a holographic when he listed it (now, this sounds like B.S., since a "holo" card has a shiny holographic picture, but it is true that in some of the early sets, it's hard to tell a holo on some of the darker cards, since the ink coverage eliminated most of the reflective surfaces, so he MIGHT have thought that this was like the Team Rocket Dark Weezing #14/82 holo, where you can only really tell it's a holo around the edges of the figure).

Still ... he was quite clear in his description that the auction was for two holo cards ... and the missing card was quite valuable ($20 to $40, depending on the reference site). The only saving grace is that it went for the minimum bid of 99¢, so it's not like I had fought through a bidding war to get the holo Dark Charizard only to find it wasn't available. However, there should be some response.

I have never left a negative feedback, and I'm not sure this (which appears to be a mistake) qualifies for one, but somehow leaving a "neutral" does not quite convey the "I feel like I've been had" message sufficiently. As I noted, I could report him to eBay for a "fraudulent listing", but that would be icky karma, especially given the small "investment" I have in this. I suppose I could demand some resitution, but on a 99¢ win, I'd hardly feel OK with that.

So, what to do? Just leave a "neutral" feedback with a harsh description of the issue? Press the matter with him? Narc him out to eBay? Leave a ("This goes on your permanent record!") negative feedback? How would y'all handle this?

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Whew ...

Got a lot done today ... I think we're all set for both of the big ad pushes for the business (I just need to get a check off the the mailing house as soon as we know what the postage is going to come to), so I'm in "cruise" (or at least "develop next project") mode until January.

I also got a "family newsletter" done to go out with the Xmas cards. I did the cards on the computer this year, along with pics of The Girls, and the cards and the pics are ready to go ... I need to get the newsletters printed and folded tomorrow, and then start stuffing envelopes. Then I'll need to freshen up the mailing list (I don't think I deleted bad returns from last year's cards yet, but I have a stack of them here) and do the labels. Then it's just a matter of waiting for the stamps to come in ... I ordered them off the Post Office web site, which typically takes 3-4 days from order to delivery, and I got the confirmation e-mail that they shipped today, so, with luck, they'll be here on Saturday and I can have the cards (we send out 150-200) ready to mail on Monday!

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