December 26th, 2004


Ho, Ho, Ho ... part two

Today was something of a blur ... made blurrier by the general lack of sleep. Of course, the main cause of said lack of sleep, Daughter #1, was obliviously lost in her GameBoy LeafGreen Pokemon game all day, and didn't even make an effort at a nap. I had vague intentions towards a "real nap" but rather got the more typical "I'm too tired to be working on the computer so I'll nod off while this page is loading" sort of nap.

Dinner tonight was something of a debacle ... neither of The Girls were responding to the ramifications of a fast-approaching reservation, and were fighting getting dressed (let alone dressed up), with #2 throwing a classic fit, complete with absolute melt-down over the prospect of wearing some new shoes (a prospect made even worse by her mother having thrown away half of her previous pair and half of her sister's previous pair, so there were no "backup options" in the red sparkly "Dorothy shoes" category!). Once The Wife screamed enough in response and we managed to get out the door and to the restaurant (somehow, it's never this difficult if it's just ME getting The Girls out), we discover that the restaurant is no longer the restaurant The Wife thought it was (she'd made reservations via an on-line search for places open on Xmas), and they no longer have the prix-fixe special that we were thinking we were going out for. So, I order two pastas (less than one entree, let alone an entree and an appetizer), The Girls complain about everything (there is likewise no "kid's menu"), and The Wife has another four glasses of wine to top off what she had before we got out of the house. So I'm having to listen to The Girls whine (and generally misbehave), deal with my own stress over everything being fucked up (I just hate it when my eye muscles start spasming), and listen to The Wife go on about the stuff The Wife always goes on about when she gets tanked. Not a fun evening.

As soon as we got home I pretty much dropped into bed ... tried to watch football, but soon got voted out of that as other bodies showed up. Woke up 3 hours later and crawled in here to see what was what. This week is going to suck big time, but more details on that later.

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Next week ...

If I had more to say about my days than I do, I would be spending 8 hours a day over at my Mom's place next week, trying very hard to get it ready to start showing in January. However, MY schedule preferences don't mean shit around here, and The Wife would rather claim that I'm "in denial" about getting my Mom's place finished than to allow me time to do anything about it (I get so sick of hearing that "I'm just avoiding it" after 2-3 weeks of solid work on the new business, along with assorted other projects she's come up with), let alone maybe help me on it!

I had sort of planned of just taking The Girls over there with me for most of the week, and they could hang out and watch TV (which is pretty much what they're doing around here) and give me an occasional hand with stuff. The Wife thinks this not enough activitiy, but she claims that she can't get any work done at all while they're around, so she'd come up with "a plan" of sending us out of town! Yes, this will get them out of her hair for a couple of days so that she can get the shit she needs to get into Quick Books (and that she's been blowing off for months) into the program, but, needless to say, doesn't do shit for the stuff that *I* need to get done. Sure ... going off to a Holidome will give The Girls a chance to go swimming, etc. (and I'm sure they would prefer this to haning out at my Mom's place while I pack stuff up), but when I hear in a week or so about how I've been "ignoring" what I need to get done at my Mom's I'm going to have to fucking break something.

Anyway, she's booked a rental car for me for Tuesday through Thursday, and booked me & The Girls a room at the Skokie Holiday Inn for Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Naturally, all the projects I have "stacked up" that would greatly benefit from a couple of days of attention are NOT the sort of thing that I can drag up to Skokie with me (although I am thinking of installing AOL on my laptop ... which currently does not have any internet connectivity, still being set up for Chubb's internal network ... just so that I can get on-line up there). I wish I was in the middle of a book I'm enjoying ... as folks may have noticed, I haven't posted any reviews in a long, long time, due to the books I'm currently reading being somewhere in the range running from "poppycock" to "twaddle", but I'm still hell-bent on finishing them, no matter what the level of crap involved (one being a very "design"-slanted book of Cosmology, and the other being a grossly anti-Modern/Western book mythologizing the "wisdom" of the Australian Aborigines) ... I guess I could go over to Borders and actually pay retail on Ann Coulter's new book (Amazon has it for 44% off) and maybe finally pick up a copy of Michelle Malkin's book on internment and profiling ... those I've been itching to read!

Bah ... maybe if The Girls get bored with swimming we'll drive up to the Milwaukee County Zoo and see how many mold-a-rama machines we can find!

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on a business note ...

If everything went according to plan over the past several days, the mailing house in Tampa should have gotten our check for the Post Office on Wednesday morning and proceeded to send out the 5,300-odd postcard/magnet mailing pieces I designed. Now, if their list is any good (and it was about twice the size of the InfoUsa list that I'd initially bought), we should certainly be on it, so I'm expecting to see one of these things in the mailbox on Monday. It cost us a huge chunk of change to do this mailing, but we're (obviously) hoping that the calendar fridge magnet part of it will create an on-going reminder about our services.

I also go copies of our new subway signs on Thursday ... which means that Viacon Outdoor probably got them that day as well ... which means we're good-to-go for our mid-January run start date!

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Saw a movie ...

Yep ... just got in from watching National Treasure ... things have been so tense around here that I figured I'd just get some "me time" and not have to listen to the yelling. While I wouldn't say that I was disappointed in the film, it never gripped me the way it did several of those on my Friends List. Oddly enough, one of my biggest gripes was the size of the treasure once they found it ... the treasure room looked more like a sub-basement storage area at the British Museum than the "vast treasure" amassed by the Templars ... I would have expected a treasure like that in The Mummy! Oh, well ... at least I got to see it in the theater.

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