January 1st, 2005


Maaaan ...

Slept through New Year's Eve ... go me. We'd gone out this evening to the Zoo ... the Lincoln Park Zoo has a "Zoo Lights" thing most of the holiday season, and a special bunch of activities on NYE ... up till 9pm, which means we can go, do whatever activities we can find, grab a bite to eat, and have The Girls back home at a decent hour. Well, we went and did that, came home, I headed in to catch up on LJ, and passed out at the keyboard. Such an exciting night. I suppose I should do a recap of 2004, but I don't feel like it at the moment.

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other stuff

We were running around yesterday, largely to take advantage of the remarkably warm weather (it was in the high 40's, I think), once we decided on going to the Zoo in the evening, other stuff fell into place, and we ended up going to see A Series of Unfortunate Events in the afternoon. My immediate reaction on leaving the theater was "what a strange little movie" ... I've read others' criticisms that the movie was "too compressed" from the three books it draws on (having never encountered the source material, I wasn't "missing" any of it in the film version), but I kept fighting the "plausibilities" of the on-going bad luck of the kids. The movie felt like being caught up in a nightmare, with things recycling themselves back to key themes and figures. While having fascinating aspects (I would have loved to poke around the various houses!) I wouldn't necessarily say it was an enjoyable movie ... too much like getting trapped into somebody else's bad dream.

The other impression that I ended up with was that maybe Emily Browning would end up as the new Lara Croft once Angelina Jolie gets "too long in the tooth" for the role ... but it may just be the lips!

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