January 9th, 2005


Subway signs ...

I need to get the pics off my camera, but I finally saw one of our new subway ads today. We'd heard that some folks had seen them, but the actual buy didn't start until 1/17 ... so what ever is up is "early" at this point. I'd taken the Brown Line four times over Friday and Saturday (two round-trips up to Dojo with The Girls), and only saw one poster on one (the fourth) ride. The number of ads we'd bought should work out to about two posters per car on all the Brown Line trains, so I was beginning (after 3 rides) to figure that the callers who'd said they'd seen us on the El were perhaps mistaken. Now, of course, I'm a bit nervous that we's not going to be a ubiquitous as I'd intended ("what if they're all up?", "what if they're really only one poster in four cars?", "how can I be sure this will work?" etc.) since one was indeed up. I suppose I need to wait a week to see how the coverage really is, since the number of posters we had done (and contracted for display) should work out to about 2 ads per train car. Anyway ... I have some snaps from on the way home this evening that I'll post once I get them out of the camera (and all the pics there organized), edited, and uploaded to weblogimages.

Well, I guess OCD trumped sleep (again) tonight ... so I got this ready to post:

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Strange New Year's meme ...

Snagged this from cryo's journal. The instructions for it are: "Take the 1st sentence from the 1st post of each month of 2004. Put them together to make a paragraph." Supposedly this should reveal something of how one's year went.

Collapse )

I opted to tuck that behind a cut because, well ... because it kind of sucked. I seem to start a lot of my posts with an "OK" or a "Well" or a "Man" which does not make for good continuity in something like this. I suppose I could edit those bits out, but that would be cheating, wouldn't it? Plus my frequent use of elipses makes for some rather rambling "sentences". Frankly, I probably wouldn't have bothered posting this but for the fact that I'd already done all the cut-and-pasting!

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