January 19th, 2005


Leftist media abets terrorist carnage ...


You were wondering?

OK, so a few more auctions have closed, and we're done for the evening. You were just itching to know how that was coming, weren't you? Well, in case you are bored enough to wonder ...here's an update:

                   Total number of auctions won:   31
                   Number of auctions won for 1¢:   16
                   Total cost of all auctions:   $6.93
                   Total value of cards won:   $145.00

Wheeee! This is fun. I have bids in on another four (closing tomorrow afternoon) all currently at 1¢, plus am "watching" another 12 closing tomorrow evening which are also still all at 1¢ (although I'm sure a couple of those will run up quite a bit as four of them are "holo" holos and one is an "ex" holo which retails for around ten bucks).

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It's depressing to think how bummed out I get when somebody else wins the Mega Million lottery ... one lucky person got the hundred-million-plus prize yesterday. It sure the hell wasn't me.

I hate the fact that I always feel like the universe just took a big stinky dump on me when I don't win these huge prize pools ... sort of like being a creepy stalker to lightning.

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