January 22nd, 2005


Slowing down ...

Another day, another dollar ... well, make that another seven cents, I guess ... I've bid on a number of things that we already have in the collection just to see if I could get them for a penny, but some "weekend warriors" are settling in and I've been seriously over-bid on some of those (oh, well ... didn't "need" the cards anyway). So, just in case you were wondering, here's where this little "fire sale" adventure stands:

                   Total number of auctions won:   67
                   Number of auctions won for 1¢:   48
                   Total cost of all auctions:   $9.48
                   Total value of cards won:   $340.00

Yes, that's 7 cards won today, each going for a penny but with a total "retail value" of $24.00 ... not too shabby! Oddly, the seller doesn't have any auctions up over the weekend, so the last of those 1¢ deals will have to wait until Sunday night. By the time this is over I will have been working this particular vendor's auctions for two weeks ... and probably not breaking the $10.00 mark on the actual cards (although I am paying a bit over 25¢ for shipping on each) with the "total total" coming in at 10¢ on the dollar or just below! Such a deal, eh?

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Snow ...

I'd bitch about it snowing, but I guess it's snowing everywhere east of the Mississippi, so what's the point?

It's odd here today, though ... all the weather maps show Chicago out of the snow bands, but we've been having white-out blizzard conditions all afternoon. Must be "lake effect", which usually hits the Michigan side rather than us, but it sure looks like it's coming in with another 8-10 inches!

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The snow ...

Frankly, I wouldn't mind the snow so much if it wasn't for this bum knee ... I went out to a half a dozen stores while The Girls were at Dojo, but was unable to find any sort of sledding device for them (I was targeting one of those saucers, but would have taken pretty much anything) ... while I was out negotiaing various curbs and semi- or non-shoveled sidewalks, I had several "intense pain" episodes where either I was having to contort my knee to get over piles of snow, having my footing go out from under me, resuting in a sudden jolt to the knee, or the like.

We're sort of bummed about not being able to find a sled thing anywhere. There are NO regular toy stores downtown anymore ... The Girls and I were thinking of taking a side-trip on the way home to go to the Toys R Us that's over on Western (it would have invovled taking a bus a couple of miles one way, then taking another back to the El ... probably burning up a few hours in the process) ... but once we got over to the El we just headed home. When we got back down here we also checked Osco, Walgreens, and Ace Hardware on the way in from the subway stop, but none of them had anything like that in. We may have to go all the way south of the Loop tomorrow ... we can take the Red Line down to Roosevelt and go to the new Target that's over there, then go over to the Museum Campus and find some hills for The Girls to go down.

When did hardware stores stop selling sleds?

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How sweet!

Well, since none of those penny auctions that I've been gobbling up were closing this weekend (a few more finish up Sunday night), I decided to take a little surf into my "Pokemon" search on eBay. I found a set of packs of the TV version (which I get for Daughter #2) and got them for cheap (delivered cost just about 50¢ each!) and then stumbled over an auction for just about as many packs for the "Legendary Collection", one of the ones that Daughter #1 is "weak" on.

When I found that, there had already been a dozen bids, including some by vendors who I've bought from in the past. I put in a bid, but it was less than what one of the vendors had for his high. So I watched. And I waited. I kept hitting "reload" on the Bid History screen. Eventually another card vendor bid higher than the first one, with a bid a few pennies higher than my "theoretical max" for that auction. I waited. I hit reload ... and hit reload ... and hit reload. With just about a minute left I re-bid, upping by a buck my "planned" maximum bid, and was the top bidder with only about 26 seconds left. And I won ... beating the top-bidding vendor (who I have bought a lot of cards from!) by 50¢ and exceeding my "max" by only 59¢!

This was sweet, as not only does #1 get to have the fun of opening the packs (and getting a lot of holos), I also avoid finding myself buying the cards later from the vendors! I also got a deal on this, as the cards came in for about 1/4 of what they go for on most sites! Yeah, it's not "1/7th of retail", but I doubt palette-load wholesale on the packs is as low as my typical "target zone". (sigh) ... I really didn't go out looking to spend thirty bucks (the combined cost of winning both sets of packs), but I got some nice things to give The Girls!

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