January 23rd, 2005


High School ...

In a strange confluence of events, right after I filled out that Highschool quiz/meme thing, I got an e-mail from my Highschool's alumni association. Among other things, they were shilling for the alumni web site (they've set a rather ambitious web site which offer photo albums, blogging and all sorts of little bells & whistles), so I went to check it out.

Now, I am horrible about keeping log-in IDs and passwords filed, and, sure enough, was unable to get in on my initial attempt (you would think that the e-mail I'm getting stuff sent to me would be my "official" e-mail, but that was not the case). When I tried to "create account" I was told that it was already set up (I thought I had already). What amuses me greatly was that I came up with exactly the same password when I was trying to create a new account as what was already there (which eventually showed up in a different e-mail box than I was expecting)! Either I'm way too predictable, or my brain just has some hard-wired verbiage for certain things.

What was really depressing was the number of "deceased" entries from my class and the one behind me ... I was especially freaked to see that two "cute girls" from the younger class had died. While I didn't count the actual listings, it just seemed that a larger number from our two classes were dead than the two on either side of us. Man, this "getting old" stuff is creepy.

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