January 28th, 2005



This day just keeps getting more fucking depressing ... and I don't think this weekend has a prayer of getting any better. Just shoot me now!

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Any suggestions?

Anybody have any suggestions about reviving a computer that is just not registering the fact that it has a Hard Drive installed? I've gotten into the sucker and made sure all the connections are as they should be, but it's still showing no HDs and wanting to boot from a floppy. I made a bootable floppy from another XP system, but what should I try to do to get it to find that hard drive???

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an update ...

Amazingly, this morning I find that I had 3 calls from the McDonalds ... there were no details (I just had the number) but Daugther #2's backpack (with her blankie) had shown up. Now, this particular McDonalds is tiny, and only had 3 people on staff while we were there, two of whom I spoke with about the backpack while we were in search of it last night. At that point nobody knew anything about any backpack, so I'm assuming that it didn't get picked up by somebody wiping off tables and brought to the back (especially since the time elapsed was like 15-20 minutes from when we'd left). My guess is that somebody "uh, accidentally" took the backpack, discovered it had nothing of cash value in it, and brought it back.

I was bummed all night about this, and it was quite a relief to tell #2 that she and her mom could go pick it up on the way in to her daycare this morning. She survived the night without the blankie (but had to substitue about a dozen stuffed animals!), but at least she'll have it for naptime today!

At least one thing went right ... but I'm not holding my breath in anticipation of anything else good happening.

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So proud ...

I just got done walking Daughter #1 through the "example test" for the ACT/Explore test she'll be taking tomorrow ... it's a bit of a challenge for her, since the test is written for the 8th grade level, and she's just in 3rd, but because of her standardized testing (in the over-97% range) she was invited to take it for the Midwest Academic Talent Search. We're excited about this, as part of what is supposed to come out of this is "tracking" ... with the "smart kid" equivalent of extra help provided by the schools ... which is a good thing as #1 is getting very bored with her grade-level Math and Science work (yep, I think we're raising an Architect ... her favorite things are Math and Art!) and it would be great for her to have materials that were challenging her capabilities!

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