February 21st, 2005


Today ...

It was a nasty snow-rain-snow-rain sort of day in Chicago and we were looking for stuff to fill the day, especially with The Girls being off tomorrow. Somehow they'd (especially #2) had gotten the idea of going down to Chinatown into their heads, so we opted (after some morning chaos) to hop the el down there for lunch. We ended up at the big Three Happiness right across from the train for Dim Sum (we typically either go there or Won Kow). and then ducked down to Chiu Quon to pick up some cookies for The Girls and some BBQ Pork Buns and Sesame Balls for me (oh, and a couple of more leaf-wrapped orders of "sticky rice" for them ... their favorite). We'd been thinking of hitting a movie, and The Wife decided on the train back that we'd just get off at Grand and take our chances with showtimes for the Son of The Mask (we hadn't checked earlier). As it turned out we were only about 15 minutes early for the first show, so that worked out OK.

I'm surprised that this movie has been so universally panned ... it was really quite entertaining. I guess there are a lot of rabid Jim Carrey fans who feel that you can't have a Mask movie without him and are viewing this movie through those filters. Frankly, I thought that "Son of" was more coherent than the original, with a very compact plot that made sense within its parameters. If you take away the fawning over Carrey (whose shtick gets old for me fast), the first movie was about CGI, and it's only moreso in the sequel, plus this has more emotional hooks.

Actually, the trailers for "Son of" make it look like there's more "whacky stuff" going on than is the case, as large portions of this film deal with developing the skewed dynamics of the two families involved. The movie is almost more about Alan Cumming's Loki (who has been ordered by Odin to get the Mask back) than it is about Jamie Kennedy's sad-sack cartoonist ... certainly Cumming gets most of the cool bits (plus, in a possible dig at / homage to Carrey, all these goofy characters to do). I though that the casting was dead on, including "gratuitous star turns" by Ben Stein and Steven Wright which were amusing rather than irritating (the only "wasted" role was Bob Hoskins as Odin ... why bother casting a well-known character actor if the portrayal is so generic that it could be anyone under the makeup?). I hate to say it, but this movie reminded me a lot of the Garfield movie (but in a good way) as it was a sweet little movie that told two or three story arcs competently, and served to frame the CGI treats (which, as I noted, came and went through the movie) nicely.

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ah, I love the smell of Quizzes in the morning ...

This was snagged from topi's post ... it's a little thing called "What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?" (although I don't really believe that topi actually scored "Fascism"!).

You scored as Anarchism.


















What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?
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Since there was no "Libertarianism" option, I guess "Anarcho-Republican" is close enough!

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A very silly quiz ...

Snagged, as is so often the case, from Ms. mightyrighty's journal ...

An LJ Trip To Starbucks by con_te_partiro
Hates coffee, but goes to look coolplanetconcrete
The wannabe intellectualcramped
Sits in the corner and mumbles to themselvespolaris93
The snobby business personselenite
Cheapskate who refuses to pay $4 for coffeestonemirror
The emo cashierozium
who flirts withana
Hopes to pour Chantico on your bodydougdougdoug
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Heh ...

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