February 25th, 2005


a meme I may just pass on ...

OK, so there's this LJ meme in circulation about "10 things that I've done that you probably haven't" ... and I've read some vey interesting lists in others' journals. However, when I've thought about it, MOST of what I'd be listing involve taking strong hallucinogens in exotic places, often in the middle of the night in some location that involved bribing guards to access. Those and hanging out with famous Foodies. Anybody care to read a list like that?

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I feel bad about myself at the moment.

I have been skimming in and out of what the Germans call Schadenfreude for a number of weeks (or, rather, somewhat anticipating Schadenfreude as there was not up to this point any concrete misfortune in which to take this particular form of satisfaction), and tonight I find that the misfortune in question is beginning to manifest quite explicitly! Unfortunately, now I feel guilty that there's been some nasty bit of my brain looking forward to it like a 6-year-old waiting for the Circus.

I suppose I should put some good ju-ju vibes in the air so the situation that this person is in will turn out as decently as possible for them. However, due to some "unpleasant history" with said person, there are substantial parts of my psyche that just want to whip up some popcorn and watch the show. I know that I'm "better than that" but that first wash of Schadenfreude sure was sweet!

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