April 29th, 2005


Baaaah ...

OK, OK ... I wasn't going to do this becuase it still doesn't seem to have a point to it ... but after looking behind the cut of a half a dozen entries on my FL last night to find this damn quizmeme, I figured I'd take the stupid test just to make it go away!

Collapse )

Am I cranky? Sure! This particular quizmeme has pissed me off since it appeared because it doesn't give you a fucking CLUE about what it's supposed to mean ... it chops your brain up into a set of percentages (which total 400%) then tells you how that compares to others who've taken the test ... heck, they could be listing finger length, eye color and ear diameter, etc. and do the same, with just as much (little) meaning (and I'd be pissed off if I'd scored over 200% on math, since one of the only three "analysis points" is to tell people to not have sex with anybody scoring in that range)! Bleh. Why am I wasting more time on this crap? I can't believe how many people were fascinated by this.

And ... what's the purpose of that "brain banner"? ... I think it's the same on every entry ... are they just using it to track who's posted their results (or do they simply like burning up their own damn bandwidth)?

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