April 30th, 2005


Exhausted ... mundane detail spew ahead

Geez ... what a day!

This morning, I get up, take Daughter #1 to school, go to the Currency Exchange to get a money order to pay for an eBay win (woot ... $75.00 worth of cards for under $10!), go to my Mom's place to search for the key to her safe deposit box (it was, fortunately, right where I expected it to be), go to the bank to get into said box, search through box for paperwork my Brother says the lawyer doing the sale of the condo needs, retrieve said material and head home.

Once home, I finish pulling together the graphics for these 25,000 flyers we're printing up, pull a file folder with that stuff together, head out to the Red Line, take that down to the Loop, change to the Blue Line, take that to the UIC stop, head out the west end of that and figure out where the printer is (been using these guys for 30+ years, never been to their main office!), drop off the file and chat with the owner, get back on the Blue Line, get off at the Thompson Center and walk over to pick up the 36, take bus home.

Once home from that I retrieve new art files (for Summer Program ads) e-mailed to me by the corporate art department, fire them off to a couple of magazines to replace our current ads for their upcoming issues, and then assemble 1/3rd of the "intro goodie kits" that we're going to be dropping off to the new schools that The Wife has identified. At this point it's about time to retrieve Daughter #1, who has softball starting a half hour after she "officially" gets out of school (the "actual" time is often later). Find #1, hustle down to the Chicago Ave. El stop, just catch the Red Line, take that up to North & Clyborn, walk a couple of more blocks and make her class time with about 2 minutes to spare. Watch her practice for a few minutes then walk back up to North, catch (just barely) the #72 (the third of three in a row ... if I'd missed that, I'm sure it would have been quite a wait for the next bus), take that back over to Clark St. to pick up Daughter #2. Once at #2's school, I discover her class is still out in the park ... I go get a coffee and Dunkin Donuts and wait. They eventually show up about 4:40pm, I grab her and we head back to pick up the #72, which we take back over to Halsted. Walk a few more blocks, watch #1 play softball, chit-chat with some parents about the Tutoring, collect #1, just make it back to the El before her transfer expires, head home.

Get in. Collapse. The Wife indicates she was thinking about getting dinner at Chipotle ... once I feel like being mobile again I head out and buy burritos ... come back, eat mine, fall asleep in the living room for 3 hours. Wake up ... look at the newspaper ... come in here ... read LJ ... and that's up to now. Tomorrow I need to get up early, take #1 (and #2, which was a bit of a problem last week) up for her Fencing class, then take them both up to Dojo then take them to get their hair cut, then maybe take them to the park. I'm already exhausted just thinking about it. Bleh ... I need to get some real sleep one of these nights!

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