May 3rd, 2005


This is just NOT my night ...

OK, so I surf over to eBay to "see what I can see" and I successfully re-load the "My eBay" page, load my favorite searches in a new tab, and see what comes up. WHAT? ... a fabulous deal on something that I've wanted to get for Daughter #2 ... just about a minute to go, I scroll down, plug in a bid, hit enter ... and have to wait three minutes for the goddamn sign-in screen to show up! MOTHERFUCKER! Was I not signed in when you recognized me on all those other steps? Now, when I need fast action you're making me jump through hoops? Damn. And, if that's not enough ... once I finally get through to the confirmation page (which is, of course, telling me that the auction is ended), I go back to the item description to see if the seller might have another auction like it up ... and when I get to their "store" what do I see? Another very tempting auction that by the time it loads has already closed! I tell you, if eBay was a live body it would be missing most of its fucking teeth rigth now!

Well, at least I've had my adrenaline charge for the evening. I just wasn't planning on going from "I'm sleepy, let me check this out before I go to bed" to "I want to kill something with my bare hands, dammmit!" in five minutes.

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Mini review ...

OK, so as regular readers of this space know, I don't watch a lot of movies. Frankly, I don't know how anybody can sit through a whole movie at home ... I mean, it's one thing if you've blocked out time to go to the theater and invest the $$$ in the project ... but at home there's always a dozen other things to do!

Anyway, a month or so back there was a decent sale happening at the local Blockbusters and I ducked in and bought two DVDs, Big Fish (which The Wife had rented a while back and we really liked) and Paycheck. I used to be a big Philip K. Dick fan back in my SciFi reading days, and I really think it's great that his writing has been the seed for so many films since Blade Runner, and Paycheck is one of the latest of these PKD-inspired films (although I'm not sure what story it's based on).

TV really sucked the past couple of nights, so I was looking for something to watch while I ate, and figured I'd finally pop a DVD into the machine. Paycheck had a lot of the vibe of other PKD-inspired films like Total Recall or Minority Report, but somehow it seemed more "true to" Dick's writing than the others. It starred Ben Afflek and Uma Thurman and was directed by John Woo. The story is about some hot-shot tech guy who reverse-engineers stuff for corporations and then has his memory erased ... he's brought in on a project that takes three years (as opposed to the few weeks most of his gigs ran) but promises an 8-9 figure "paycheck" at the end. The first half (up to his memory wipe of the 3 years) builds with suspense, and the second half was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle solving clues that were mysteriously left for him. Pretty cool stuff.

I hope the next PKD film is going to be good. It's A Scanner Darkly (which I recall as being a truely twisted book!) and has an "all star cast" including Keanu Reeves in the lead role, with other "names" such as Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson, and Robert Downey Jr. involved.

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