May 17th, 2005


Was I hallucinating?

OK ... Star Wars ... the original came out when I was in college, so lacks some of the mythic world-defining oomph that it has for younger folks ... not that I didn't enjoy the movies (heck, back then the Esquire theater on Oak street still had one huge screen, and a balcony right in the middle of it ... from which I saw all of the first three installments ... it was the best sci-fi venue ever before they cut it up into a slew of tiny scrrening rooms), but the Star Wars films were not "life changing" events for me.

Frankly, I've not actually seen any of the new ones ... although I have caught 15 minutes here and 30 minutes there of the most recent two when they've been on TV ... but plan to before I see the new one (I don't want to be having to guess who the characters are who weren't in the originals). But I'm confused here ... and I may be mis-remembering, or "things may have changed", but why is this being pitched as the LAST Star Wars film? I have a very clear recall that Lucas had planned a "trilogy of trilogies", with two other sets of films bracketing the original trilogy. We're obviously seeing the completion of the prequel trilogy, but what happened to the sequel trilogy?

Am I the ONLY PERSON who remembers things this way?

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