May 21st, 2005


awww ...

I'm so disappointed that nobody jumped in on my last post with a "First Rule IS ..."

I guess I've been listening to Ramones Mania too much and you're not.

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silly eBay ...

It happens every few months, and I have the same strange mixed reaction of amusement and irritation each time ... eBay shows up with both an e-mail and a "message" on the main eBay page trying to entice me into selling stuff. The stuff that they're suggesting I sell is stuff that I've bought there ... of course, most of my eBay purchases are low-bid wins on relatively low-priced items, so most of the time I see this pitch crowing about how I could "Earn up to $0.45!" (although this time they combined three Gameboy cartridges I'd won for Daughter #1 and came up with a whopping "Earn up to $7.91!"). You would think that they'd put a filter on this and would simply not bother sending these stupid things out unless the figure was substantially more that what one could expect to get from an hour of panhandling! Plus, if I went through the effort to buy these things on eBay, one would think it would be likely that it was because I had a need/want for those items, so why would I (some weeks later) now want to be rid of them? Silly eBay!

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is it just ME?

What is it with Fast Food places today? I was trying to feed The Girls before dojo and we went first to McDonalds and I was getting the third degree from the moron behind the register about how many nuggets I wanted for the Happy Meals ... I mean, c'mon ... a Happy Meal has FOUR nuggets, a Big Kids Meal has SIX ... I was ordering two HAPPY MEALS ... this would imply that I intended to have two sets of four damn nuggets. But, nooooooo ... the interrogation continued as to how damn many nuggets I wished to have. This was NOT a good day for said moron to attempt this with me because I was "on the edge" anyway after the meatgrinder of the past couple of days, and went off at full volume with a near-Tourettes stream of obscenities, yelling at the girls that we were gong someplace else where they had the mental agility to be able to push the fucking button for "Happy Meal - Chicken" without getting confused!

We then marched a few blocks over to the Burger King. Now, I was (obviously) already agitated at the point, and since I think BK's food sucks, I was not happy about being there. However, I go up to place our order for their Kids Meals ... and I was reading RIGHT OFF THE DAMN MENU BOARD to do so, and I get the same BULLSHIT from them ... not only was it "grill the customer time" for how many fucking chicken pieces I wanted, the bitch had already PUNCHED IN the higher priced meals. Come on ... I'm in there with a 5 year old and a 9 year old ... I'm NOT looking for the "teen meals"! So, "bad Brendan" comes out again and I'm screaming about how everybody should be tested for IQ and those too fucking stupid to fill a simple fast food order should be taken out and SHOT, if nothing else to get them out of the gene pool!

But, was the fun over yet? NO! Our next option was to go to 7-11 and get The Girls hot dogs, so we troop over there and the Al-Queda look-alikes who run the place have not figured that maybe the hot dogs should go on the rollers a little earlier on a Saturday, and there was nothing to be had yet. Now, I was able to avoid screaming AT them (although there was much vile Tourettes-like mumbling happening) since they weren't fucking with me (unlike the lobotomies at BK and McD's), just inconveniencing me, but we stormed out of there still unfed.

We eventually settled on the little Chinese take-out place where The Girls could get pot stickers ... of course, here too I found reason to get pissed off (although this time at myself), as after we'd ordered I noticed a print-out posted on the wall saying they had Chicken Strips & fries for 1/2 what I ended up spending on the dumplings. Grrrrrrrrr!

Some days I think there needs to be some serious culling of the damn herd.

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pimping a community ...

Hey, if you've been around L.J. since September 2000 (i.e. are an "early adopter"), c'mon down to earlyadopters! While a swell idea for a community, it's been a bit slow, so I'm hoping that some of y'all who have been here forever will liven the place up ... right now there are only 55 members, and none of you are there yet ... so if you have one of those "sit on this and rotate" icons next to your user number, do stop in and sign up!

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