May 25th, 2005


Didn't I mention ...?

Geez ... looking over the past week of posts I guess I neglected to mention the #1 most significant "mundane reality" factoid ... namely that The Wife was out of town from Friday morning till yesterday evening! I can't believe I didn't drop that tidbit in amongst all of the posts about dragging The Girls hither, thither and yon.

Anyway, The Wife had suggested that what she really wanted for her birthday was to take a trip down to Hilton Head to visit with her sister (whose birthday was this past weekend). So, I said "go ahead" and she made all the arrangements. As I noted, she was supposed to have gone with me on Thursday morning for a presentation we were doing for this group of about 100 school councellors, but since Daughter #2 still had a fever, she stayed home and sent me off to do that. One of the reasons I've been AWOL from L.J. much of the past week is that I've had to be AFK doing other stuff (like getting the kits ready for that Thursday presentation, or getting stuff ready for the info table we were doing at a school fair on Friday evening, etc. etc. etc.).

This is also, no doubt, part of the reason that I've been a little extra cranky over the weekend, having been "out of my schedule" being with The Girls 24/7. I'm just amazed that I appeared to have not mentioned it. Oh, well ... The Wife got back home six-ish last night and we ended up going out to dinner ... we'd planned on doing FoodLife over at the WaterTower, but it closed at 8pm, so we ended up back in the Mity Nice Grill, which was quite good (and we burned through another of our gift cards with it).

Now both of us are on catch-up mode. She somehow managed to shut off her cell phone's voice mail when trying to cancel the forward she usually has it on (now, there's a unique use of a cell phone ... having it 24/7 bounce into an answering machine on a landline!), so we're going to have to figure out who called and how to get that back up the way it should be. Some days I hate being "the house tech" around here!

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So pissed ...

There were these eight cards, with a combined "low site" value of sixty to seventy bucks that I'd been watching tonight, and The Wife dragged me away from the computer twice just long enough for me to miss the endings on these ... and NONE of them went for more than fifty cents! I could have picked up the lot of them for about two bucks if only anybody here would pay attention to MY version of the damn schedule! Grumble, grumble, grumble. I hate it when I can't get to the damn keyboard and these things go for chump change.

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