May 27th, 2005


Heh ... tired of these eBay/Pokemon posts yet?

Wow .. I'd been watching an auction yesterday that was for just about a case of the "Fire Red Leaf Green" set of packs of Pokemon cards (it was 2 packs shy of a case). and it had been just sitting there with two bids, and a price equal to about fifty cents a pack. So, I wait ... and wait. At about 4 minutes out from close I come in with a bid about 1/3 over the current high ... nope ... high bidder is still ahead ... I put in a bid about 1/3 over my previous try ... nope ... high bidder is still ahead. At this point there was less than 2 minutes left and I was wavering on how much per pack I wanted (with shipping) to go, and opted to let it drop at that point.

I was quite surprised to see, when I checked back a while later, that the auction had nearly doubled after I gave up! Two bidders came in, 4 seconds apart, within the last fifteen seconds with MUCH higher bids that I would have been willing to make, and, amazingly, still didn't overtake the guy who'd been ahead ... I can only wonder what price point he had for these, since (with shipping) he ended up in what works out to be the half-of-low-retail range (or 1/3 of what Walgreens around here charges for them), which I guess is not a bad deal, but it's still more than *I* want to pay for pig-in-a-poke cards!

Of course, had I gotten these at my initial bid, you know I'd be crowing about it in here!

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