June 4th, 2005


In-Law update ...

Man ... Day 1 was a fucking nightmare. The Bitch sat there with this attitude like I'd done nothing over the past 18 months ... just because 90% of the furnitute/art was where it's always been! My Brother's been "Mr. Big Corporate Executive" their whole life, so she's only known "corporate moves" ... or as she put it "We've only had PROFESSIONAL movers ...". Hate. Pure, naked HATE.

The whole purpose (at least from my Brother's side) of them coming out was to determine what to do with the furniture, so what the fuck was I supposed to do with it in the meanwhile???

As expected, The Bitch was like a vacuum cleaner, almost randomly grabbing stuff and (being that she has the IQ of broccoli) clumsily stuffing it (oh, yeah, that sheet of newspaper is going to help!) into boxes. The sack of shit obviously had never packed anything to ship in her life, so there I was having to aid-and-abet her in order to assure that some of my Mom's stuff would actually arrive in MA unbroken!

We're still at loggerheads about getting rid of most of the stuff, I had lined up a local shelter which will not only come out to pick up my Mom's clothes, but will pretty much take everything else (the furniture, the cookwear, the kitchen equiment, etc., etc. etc.) and give us a tax receipt. My Brother is fixated on having the group that did the appraisal come in, pick up the major pieces of furniture that we're not keeping/taking (charging us $500 to do so), and auction it off. Now ... how much is a 25-year-old chair which needs recovering go for? How much of that will they take? My "guesstimate" is that we'd be lucky to make back the $500.00 on it. I'm beginning to suspect that a LOT of this is angled towards them not paying for the storage locker. They'd rather DUMP my Mom's stuff. Of course, almost nothing of my Mom's has any sentimental connection for them ... The Bitch had always seen my Mom as simply a ticket to Rock Candy Mountain (and so it's just a last chance to "get stuff"), and my Brother has proabably spent less than a month here total over the past 20 years and so just wants to have it all gone. The only things that are an issue for me in this would be the three rugs ... which each were many thousands of dollars ... but all "need work" if they're going to get even a dime-on-the-dollar return.

Of course, my sister-in-law is being a stuck-up bitch about this all. Today they do want to get over to the storage locker to "pick through" the carefully-packed boxes. Somehow the fact that it took me three or more hours of time PER BOX to get that stuff ready to store doesn't matter ... there might be something in there The Bitch wants to take back to Boston.

I am filled with such seething hatred today that I'm having to edit what I say here. There is nothing good that I wish for that bitch, and if it drags down my Brother, well, that's his choice.

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Oh, by the way ...

Geez ... I get tied up with other stuff, and suddenly I have nearly 200 unread postings on my Friends List ... (sigh) ... sometimes I wish I didn't need to sleep!

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Bleh ...

I really feel like shit ... the emotional strain is grinding me down. I really don't want to go over there and deal with them.

I have some time to kill because that stupid BITCH can't keep to a schedule. We were supposed be getting started at 9am, but my Brother called at a few minutes before 9 to tell me that they were going down the street to the pancake house for breakfast first (which could mean 45 minutes in line). Fuck. I hate them so much. They are totally disrespecting my Mother's memory ... she was nothing but a "goodies spigot" to them when she was alive (and they never did anything to help her out ... it was all "take, take, take"), and they are simply "imposed on" at this point. I wish my Brother had never met that piece of trash!

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